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2nd track from "Outside: From the Redwoods" (1993). California's enchanted forest of giant redwood and sequoia trees is the perfect venue for environmental advocate Kenny to perform a live concert. It's also the perfect venue for the man who "sees" something that, well, may—or may not—be real!

And whenever Kenny and Michael team up, you can count on its being pure, musical magic! They wrote this number one hit the very first time they met (literally), and 15 years later show they still have it, performing an "almost unplugged" rendition that's breathtakingly gorgeous in an equally breathtakingly gorgeous setting. Those redwoods and sequoias can be hundreds of years old, btw, and grow over 300 feet high. Truth is, just one glimpse of them makes almost ANYTHING seem possible!



"Kenny Loggins is undoubtedly one of the finest live performers living today! Many performers sound great when they are in the controlled environment of the studio where mistakes and sour-notes can be fixed, but as soon as you put them in front of an audience they sound awful! Not Kenny Loggins! I think he is best when heard live! He thrives off of the energy of the audience and draws inspiration from them to sing his heart out for them! His entire group of backing artists from guitar and piano players on down to an amazing harmonica player, have to be some of the most talented and capable musicians around! His Guest artists, such as Michael McDonald and Shanice, bring perfect balance to his own remarkable voice."

~excerpt from review by amazon customer Christopher Cline


The best-known version of this song was recorded by The Doobie Brothers (with McDonald singing lead vocals) for their 1978 album Minute by Minute. The single reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 on 14 April 1979. The song received Grammy Awards in 1980 for both Song of the Year and Record of the Year.

Kenny Loggins released a version of the song (five months prior to The Doobie Brothers) on his 1978 album Nightwatch, and a live version on his 1980 album Kenny Loggins Alive. Loggins' original version switches several of the gender pronouns, so that it is sung largely from the perspective of the woman in the encounter.


[Yes, in fact, the first time I heard this live version I noticed Kenny seemed to flub the lyrics at the beginning. But after going back and listening to his studio version, I realize that it may be intentional. Regardless, there's no doubt that keeping track of all those pronouns—he, she, she, he—can be a bit confusing at times!]


Michael McDonald wrote the original version of this song. He presented a fragment of it to [Ted] Templeman, who encouraged him to continue working on it. Kenny Loggins came in when McDonald got stuck on the bridge of the song. Bassist Tiran Porter had suggested Loggins to McDonald because the two were good friends.

McDonald's concept for the lyric was a scenario where two people meet in a restaurant—two people who had a passionate relationship long ago. To the man, the affair was the best thing in his life; to the woman, it was fun, but it was time to move on. In the conversation, the man makes a complete fool of himself. When the woman excuses herself to leave, he doesn't get the message, believing he still has a shot and that their affair was much more meaningful than it actually was. Love makes a man a fool, and even a wise one can't reason it away.

While he was waiting for Loggins to arrive at his home, McDonald played some of the songs that were "in progress" and asked his sister Maureen which she thought was best. As Loggins was getting out of his car, he heard McDonald playing a fragment of this. According to Loggins, he heard about three-quarters of the verse's melody (no lyrics), but McDonald stopped at the bridge. Loggins' mind continued without a break... and the song's bridge was born. Then Loggins knocked on the door, introduced himself to McDonald, and demonstrated the bridge that he devised before the two of them could sit down. The lyrics were finished over the telephone the next day.


Marc Russo plays saxophone


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Title : Kenny Loggins & Michael McDonald - What A Fool Believes (Live)
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Published : May 14, 2016
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